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Issue #9—June 2011

•  Do you need a waiver of the insurance fee for Summer 2011? If you have purchased your own health insurance policy that meets the University requirements, listed at: , please submit the completed Insurance Coverage Evaluation Form for summer by the deadline of Monday, June 6 .

The form is available on our website at .

  •  Are You Graduating In Summer 2011 and Plan to Apply for Optional Practical Training? Students in F-1 status who will be graduating in Summer 2011 and plan to apply for Optional Practical Training after graduation are reminded to file their practical training applications well in advance of the date they would like practical training to begin. Currently, the USCIS Texas Service Center is taking approximately twelve weeks to process EAD cards for practical training.

In general, OISS recommends that practical training applications be filed 90 days in advance of the requested starting date. So, if you would like your practical training to begin in August to October, now is the time to start the application process!

Your application must be received by the USCIS Texas Service Center no later than 60 days following your degree completion date, which is August 4, 2011 for Summer 2011 graduates.

The OPT handout and application is available at: . Please come in during walk-in hours to meet with an advisor about the application process.

•  Important Information for Those Who Will Graduate in Summer 2011

OISS reminds students that if you will graduate in Summer 2011, you must do two things:

•  You must be registered for the Summer.

•   You must file an "Application for Degree" with the Registrar's Office online at . The deadline to file for graduation is June 6, 2011


•  Departing the U.S. and not returning to UNO? UNO students who will not be returning to the University for the Fall 2011 semester are reminded to email OISS at to let us know your plans.

Students in F-1 status who are graduating and are not going to pursue Optional Practical Training (OPT) or transfer to a new U.S. school or begin a new degree program in the United States are required to depart the United States within 60 days of their degree completion date.  Students in J-1 status are required to depart the United States within 30 days of their degree completion date, or the end of their programs.


•  National Security Entry-Exit Registration System ( NSEERS ) Ends.  Special Registration No Longer Required

On April 28, 2011, The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced the end of the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System ( NSEERS ). This special registration process is no longer required.  

Travelers who registered with NSEERS when they entered the U.S. are NOT required to register when they depart.  All that is required is to turn in your I-94 to the gate agent if departing by air, or customs if departing by land from at the northern or southern border.

Because NSEERS is no longer in effect, waivers issued for travelers previously subject to NSEERS are no longer documents that should be presented to CBP upon entry. 

All travelers are still subject to inspection, including referrals to secondary, however, the list of countries whose nationals were subject to NSEERS has been retired.  Individuals from those countries will no longer automatically be referred for secondary inspection. In the future, such referrals are no longer a requirement for citizens of countries whose nationals had been subject to  NSEERS registration.

Referrals may include persons/goods that require additional inspection to determine admissibility; persons who are the subjects of wants/warrants records; persons requiring additional administrative processing such as first time immigrants or those who are declaring large amounts of cash or commercial goods; and random compliance exams.

The official notice filed in the U.S. Federal Register is available at:

This announcement is also available on the official website of US Customs and Border Protection:

Those students who were previously subject to NSEERS (Special Registration) screening may wish to print the announcement and carry it with them when traveling abroad and re-entering the United States.

•  UNO Pharmacy Closing— The UNO Pharmacy will be closing on June 30, 2011. Per state regulations, all prescriptions currently on record in the pharmacy must be transferred to another pharmacy in close proximity.

All current prescriptions at the UNO Pharmacy will be transferred to the Walgreens Pharmacy located at 6201 Elysian Fields Blvd. (corner of Elysian Fields Blvd. and Robert E. Lee Blvd.)

If you object to the transfer of your prescription(s) to this location, you must submit an index card with the information below to the UNO Pharmacy BEFORE June 10, 2011.

The index card must include the following:

•  your full name

•  the name of your prescription

•  the name, address and phone number of the pharmacy where you would like your prescription(s) transferred

For more information, please see or call Student Health Services at (504) 280-6387.


  •  Summer Semester 2011 University Calendar— To view the official university calendar for Summer 2011, please go to the following link: .

Important June Dates

June 1: $50.00 late fee in effect for registration and enrollment services

June 2: Classes begin

June 6: Final date to add courses, change sections. Final date to drop course(s) and receive 100% refund. Deadline to file an Application for Degree and to pay graduation fees for Summer Graduation. Deadline to submit Insurance Coverage Evaluation Form at OISS.

June 15: Final date to resign and receive 50% refund.

OISS Summer Walk-In Hours Reminder

Monday & Thursday       8:00 am -12:00 pm
                                           2:00 pm-4:00 pm
Tuesday & Friday            9:00 am-12:30 pm
                                            1:30 pm-4:00 pm

Wednesday                     1:30 pm-4:00 pm


The University of New Orleans • 2000 Lakeshore Drive, New Orleans, LA 70148
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